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“The level of service at Aquaman Carpet Cleaning LLC is fantastic. Having been a customer for months, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Aquaman Carpet Cleaning was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Baby safe - NON-TOXIC cleaning
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Overall: 3 - Josh was AWESOME. We had resigned ourselves to replacing the carpet. Josh said he could restore it but I had my doubts. It came out great. Like a new carpet and now we don't have to replace it. Just FYI, he suggested a couple of treatments that were over and above our original agreement and that always makes me leery  but I gave him a test area to do and it worked so well that I had him do the entire carpet. Well worth the money. Don't let the fact that he did not show up with a $50000 van fool you. His quality was better than the major brands, which I have tried.
GREEN cleaning - Safe for the whole family
You did a great job, my carpet is looks better every time you clean it. You can't even tell that I own 2 dogs thank you for coming by and doing a beautiful job!      
 -Tina Lyons
I bought a coupon deal for Aquaman.They did a great job.  My carpets look so much better!  They feel better, too.  It's been several weeks since Aquaman cleaned them and they still look amazing.  I definitely recommend. -Kristina H.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery cleaning
Josh you do amazing work!!!!! You brought our couches back to life and they look amazing...we have been getting compliment after compliment!!! Keep it up Josh!!! Everyone needs to hire you, you use great products and you do such an amazing thorough job!!!
 -Tom Lambott
          My cat has been really sick the last several months (you have never seen this much creature puke in your life), and I had pretty much given up hope that the carpet would ever be clean again, or that I would get my security deposit back when I move out in a few months. Then I saw Aquaman's Living Social deal that looked promising and called up to ask how far out I'd have to schedule an appointment. Turns out they could come out two days later!

         When Josh and Caleigh arrived (20 minutes early to be sure they had enough time!), Josh looked at my disaster and said he was nervous to offer his 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we went ahead and once he was done, it looked BRAND NEW. It's been several days now and I see no evidence of stains returning. It looks like I'll have a shot at my deposit after all.

           I'm happy to recommend this prompt, fast, friendly service to anyone. I will be using him to freshen up the place before I leave and to pre-treat my next apartment against the exploding cat. Thanks Josh and Caleigh!

          Josh was professional and efficient. The carpet looks great (pet stains gone) and smells so clean. I'll certainly use Aquaman again.

           My carpets are really clean and I'm really happy! Josh was professional and polite.  My carpets that had ceiling fans on them dried within around 2 hours and the others within 4-5.  I'll definitely use Aquaman again!

          As a Realtor, I depend on recommending and delivering quality service to my clients. So when I refer Aquaman Carpet Cleaning, I expect high quality performance. I had a client whose carpet I was absolutely certain was going to need to be replaced. It had YEARS of bike tire grease tracked through the entire front entrance. When Josh told me that he could clean it, I didn't believe it. My client took the chance and was so glad he did! The carpet looks practically new with no trace of bike tracks anywhere!! Josh even did it on a Sunday! Thank Josh you are the best! I wouldn't call any one else for carpet cleaning.

         Josh is as good as it gets! Professional ,courteous and my old carpet looks amazing!  I will not hesitate to use them again.

         Awesome service! My carpets were a mess with pets and renters and Josh and his team really went the extra mile to help save my carpets and make them look great again! They were very easy to work with and got me scheduled right away also price was very reasonable - it is hard to find great service with a reasonable price, so I am thrilled! I plan to use them again and would recommend them to all my friends and family! Thank you!

          Josh and his crew are awesome! Aquaman Carpet Cleaning LLC is the BEST job any company has ever done AND for less money! Plus, he called to check in on how everything looks, came back that same afternoon to fix something AND is coming again tomorrow to make sure every bit of my carpet looks great and I am 100% satisfied. The customer service surpasses anything I have experienced before. Plus, when I first contacted him (after a dog accident the day before) -- he fit me into his schedule first thing the next morning! I am so glad I found this company and will be a loyal customer for LIFE!

          Great experience! We had an appointment scheduled at 10 AM and were expecting that just like every other service company, they'd be here whenever it was convenient. WRONG! Our cleaner Josh walked up to our door a few minutes early. 

         Josh explained the process, a very high tech and innovative process that no other company in Colorado uses, pretty cool to be able to try this process and see it work wonders. In addition, he was able to treat some troublesome pet stains where our four little puppies had been peeing on for the last 5 years, we thought that area would NEVER be clean but sure enough at the end of the cleaning, even the trouble spots looked great. 

          A great experience with this company, highly recommend to anyone looking for a prompt professional carpet cleaning.

           We just moved from California to Colorado and before moving into our house we wanted to get the carpets cleaned. Our dog is very sensitive and have had several allergic reactions to cleaning supplies previously, so I really wanted to find something that would be good for him AND get the carpets cleaned. Josh was very flexible when our closing date got pushed and showed up promptly. The carpets came out amazing, and smelled great too! He even offered to help us patch up some tears so he came back the next day so fix those as well. Our dog didn't have any allergic reactions and we will definitely use this company again when needed!

          I researched for days for a carpet cleaning service. Came across a deal on crowd savings for Aquaman. Deal was so good, I was hesitant to believe they can get 4years, 2 kids, and 1 dog full of stains out of my carpets.
From the first call, I was blown away by Josh's level of knowledge and professionalism. Showed up the next day on time, and conquered ever stain!  Not only did my carpets look amazing, but it smelled fresh. Josh even came back the next day, to spend a little more time on the tougher stains at no additional cost.
He doesn't use invasive chemicals, hoses, etc that are damaging to your lungs and environment.
If I can give more than 5 stars, I would!

           I tried Aquaman  because I bought a Groupon and I read some really good reviews here on Yelp.  I was a bit skeptical at first of the great price deal, because I've been disappointed by several other companies in the past that promised stains would be gone.  But, I have to say, Josh delivers!  There were a few deep pet stains in the carpets and they are gone! I will definitely use Aquaman every time I need my carpets cleaned.

          Josh and Kaylee cleaned pretty much our whole house and did a great job.  Josh is passionate about his business and works hard to please his customers.  Our carpet looks great!

          I bought a coupon deal for Aquaman.
They did a great job.  My carpets look so much better!  They feel better, too.  It's been several weeks since Aquaman cleaned them and they still look amazing.  I definitely recommend.

           3 kids and an 80 lb. boxer cause us to have our carpet cleaned 3-4 times/year.  Seemingly trying every new and innovative carpet cleaning process that comes around, we always have felt that nothing gets our carpets cleaner than a truck-mounted system...until now.  
I was referred to Josh by a neighbor who had a really good experience and bragged about how their carpets were as clean as when they were new and the non-harsh chemical-free process.  When I reached out to Josh, he explained the process and how it is more effective than truck-mounted systems.   Although his explanation of the process and responses to my numerous concerns seemed very logical, I was still a little reluctant when I scheduled the appointment with him.  Reluctant because his system sounded no different than other "zero-res" and "Oxi" cleaning services we have used in the past, which all seemed to look great the day after treatment, but the dirt and grime always seemed to magically re-appear 2-3 weeks later.  
It now has been two weeks since Josh cleaned our carpets and we couldn't be HAPPIER!  HAPPY because the carpets are just as clean as the day he cleaned them (no re-appearing dirt or grime).  HAPPY because I feel more comfortable with my kids playing on the floor, knowing there were no harsh chemicals used in the cleaning of our carpets.
Will happily recommend them to anyone with carpet.